Who we are?


The DIH-ITKL is an alliance of several organizations with a common target; to develope digital processes in industrial SME with special focus on transport sector.


“The DIH-ITKL is actively participating with regional and national initiatives in SPAIN. The DIH-ITKL is member of the executive working-group builded by Spanish Government in order to define and establish one National DIH infrastructure called “ESDIH”. The working group only has been constituted with 15 people from other research and business institutions.

  • In that way the DIH-ITKL is collaborating with the Spanish initiative to digitize the SME in  CONNECTED INDUSTRY 4.0.  helping them in the following issues:
    • Lack of knowledge about the I4.0 initiative.
    • Definition of the technologies to use and how to use them.
    • Availability of digital enablers.
    • The lack of qualified, experienced resources to undertake the transformation, especially in smaller companies”

In relation to Andalusian RIS3 strategy, the DIH-ITk Linares 4.0 is implementing technology solutions on:

  • Priority 1. Mobility and Logistics
  • Priority 2. Consolidation of advanced industry linked to transport
  • Priority 6. Research and innovation in agro-industry and healthy
  • Priority 7. Promotion of renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable construction
  • Priority 8. Promotion of ICT and the digital economy