According to the european strategy for digitalization the DIH-ITKL offers services to help SME to reach an optimum status of digitalization.

With that target the DIH-ITKL covers activities related to:

  • Innovation activities. The DIH-ITKL tries to find opportunities to digitize processes in SMEs that help them optimize their resources.


  • Business development. The DIH-ITKL develops various programs with public funding to promote digital entrepreneurship. As an example, in 2019 there will be 10 free digital entrepreneurship programs for a total value of € 500,000 in collaboration with the Incyde Foundation. Also, at the moment there are entrepreneurship programs with the Industrial Organization school.

In the same way, the DIH-ITKL seeks financing for the launch of the projects of entrepreneurs and the media for their companies.


  • Skill creation. The DIH-ITKL organizes professional courses and trainings such as lectures with the aim of raising awareness and disseminating the advantages of digitization while generating technically qualified people.

An example is the Master in Connected Industry of the University of Jaén where Cetemet (member of DIH-ITKL) has collaborated on it organization.